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Point Presser/Clapper


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This valuable piece of equipment is actually two tools in one! The top, narrow-surfaced, point presser side works like a tiny ironing board for pressing hard-to-reach seams and enclosed corners, like those on collars, lapels, and cuffs. Slip the seam wrong side up over the point and press open.

The bottom clapper side is used to apply pressure to set permanent creases to form crisp edges, and flatten bulky seams. To use, first apply steam to the area with your iron, then press with the clapper, leaning on it and applying as much pressure as possible. Hold this position until both the fabric and wood (which presses the steam into the area without adding heat) have cooled.

Comes unfinished to absorb the steam better.

Colors may vary from the picture, they may be lighter or darker depending on the variations of color in the wood used.

Handmade in the USA.