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If you like vacation vibes, 70s throwback looks, and the color pink, then you’ll love Lizzy’s style! Her wardrobe is full of the kind of outfits that make you think of poolside cocktails and disco nights, yet are also completely wearable for everyday.

It was no surprise that Lizzy picked our Nevada Linen in French Rose, a gorgeous shade of pink. When we saw that she was making the Sienna Maker Jacket, we have to admit that we were a little hesitant since we just shared Sienna’s version. But then we thought it would be fun to show the same pattern in two different fabrics and worn in two very distinct ways!

Lizzy’s Sienna Maker Jacket has more duster/trench look and because she sized down it has a slimmer fit. Very chic!

Why did you choose this fabric?

The color stopped me in my tracks as I was scrolling through the fabrics. I usually let the fabric guide me, not the pattern, so I had no plan in mind for how I would use the fabric at first, but knew it had to happen once I saw that shade of pink! It didn’t hurt that the color was named “French Rose” and is there anything more dreamy sounding than that?

What do you especially like about the fabric?

The color is a really special pink, one that I hadn’t seen before. Even my husband, who isn’t a huge fan of pink, commented on how cool and different the color was. I always love working with linen, particularly heavier-weight linens for their substantial drape.

How did you pre-treat/launder the fabric?

I chose to pre-launder my fabric exactly as recommended on the site! I ironed the entire piece on high without steam then washed and dried on high. I definitely achieved soft folds over harsh creases with this technique!

What pattern did you make?

I chose the Sienna Maker Jacket by Closet Case Patterns. I always come away with such confidence using their patterns as they handhold with new techniques, this time a belt vent with tie and d-ring closure!

What size did you make?

I made a straight size 6. If I were to truly go off my measurements I would grade to a 10 at the hip, but I felt the jacket style would accommodate my hips just fine, plus I generally like less ease.

Did you make any modifications?

Oh yes! I added a total of 12 inches (2 at the waist and 10 at the hem) in length as I generally feel midi length is most flattering on me and ends up being more dramatic. I also lowered the belt vent by 1 inch and shortened the back slit, the latter of which I’m still on the fence about.

Did you use any special notions or tools for your project?

This was my first project using d-rings! They are a beautiful rose gold I found on Amazon and came in a pack of 3 sets so I have incentive to make two more jackets! I also used pink bias tape to make the inside just as pretty as the outside, as it’s an unlined jacket.

Is this garment your typical style? How will it fit into your wardrobe?

This jacket will fit right in! I’ve already worn this dressed up with a silk set and heels (pictured above and is actually what I wore the day I took photos as it was a 90 degree day while on a brief getaway to Palm Springs), with boots and a skirt and with jeans and a t-shirt. The weather is pretty mild year-round for me, so the medium-weight layer will be perfect for most of the year. I might never take it off so if you spot me in this bright beauty come say hi!

What else would you like to share about your project?

What a fun process this was! The fabric and pattern pairing lived up to what I had envisioned. The fabric was a dream to work with and the pattern took some time (I estimate at least 3 full days) but came together so well. Thank you to Stonemountain & Daughter for having me!

This jacket is so beautiful on you, Lizzy! It’s the perfect statement piece you can throw on either to jazz up an everyday outfit or add a touch of casual chic to a dressier ensemble. It proves that linen is an endlessly versatile fabric…and that pink can go with everything!

If you follow Lizzy on Instagram you can expect to see a lot more pink, along with animal print, florals, and very fun interpretations of vintage patterns—all things that we love!