Remnant - 7/8 yard - Reversible Sequin - Oil Slick


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This item is a remnant, which is a great way to grab your favorite fabrics at a discounted price!  All remnants are in perfect condition unless otherwise noted.  Please note that there is only one of each available, and they are first come, first serve.  No further discounts apply.

Length listed in title is rounded down to the nearest fraction of a yard. Actual remnant measures 34" long x 50" wide.

This super fun sequined fabric changes color depending on how you touch it.  Brush it one way for a holographic purple/blue/green and the other way for black!

100% polyester, 50" wide.  Sequins are on a black knit backing.  30% crosswise stretch, 15% along the selvage.

Do not machine wash or tumble dry.