Boiled Wool - Indigo

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What makes boiled wool so great? Since the wool fiber is crimped, the fibers are never packed tightly together. This results in pockets of air that give boiled wool the ability to insulate warmth incredibly well. During production the fabric is shrunk considerably, which changes its density and makes it extremely durable. This felted quality also means that boiled wool does not fray and is perfect for simple, unhemmed & unlined garments. Wool fabric can also absorb up to a third of its own weight in water without feeling damp. All this adds up to an amazing fabric that makes beautiful jackets, coats and other garments. 

100% wool
60" wide
12 oz per square yard / 410 GSM
Made in the Netherlands

Care instructions: Boiled wool fabrics do not crease. Garments can be freshened by simply airing them. Boiled wool garments should be dry-cleaned.