Flatter - Celebration


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This 8 oz. bottle is a starch-free smoothing spray.  It leaves fabrics sleek, soft, and static free.  Plus, the mild formulation is easy on sensitive skin and won't harm the environment.  Ideal for quilting, garment sewing, fabric crafts, and every day anti-static and wrinkle release.  Flatter is also perfect for spray blocking knits and freshening up fabrics.  The soft mist sprayer makes for even distribution with no big drips!  Flatter won't leave residue on your fabric or mess up your iron.  No flakes, no build-up, and definitely no wrinkles!

Spray garment or fabric evenly.  Use steam or dry iron as recommended for your fabric.

Made with plant derived and renewable ingredients, Flatter is biodegradable!  Also, there are no phosphates, dyes, silicones, or sulfates.