Buttons, Buttons, Buttons!

Make a pilgrimage to see our button wall!  Many others have...     

Rhinestone and shell butttons
Our buttons are so vast and our collections have been added to over many years. You won't find so many high quality buttons to choose from in one place - they average $1.50 a button and range in price from 50 cents to $14. 

Rhinestone Button Collection
Our buttons are all sorts of sizes, shapes, and materials. As you complete your projects, bring them into the store to lay out on our counter and try out different button possibilities. Some of our buttons are really works of art - our customers have used them as everything from the center of gorgeous pins with feathers and gems to a beautiful rhinestone accent on a white faux fur wedding shawl...Let our buttons inspire you!  
Coconut shell buttons and Big Buttons - many are handmade and unique!