Creative Sewing Lab/lounge

250: Creative Sewing LAB for all Personal Projects!

Almost like a private class, this is your time to make anything you want! Get help fitting your patterns before cutting out your fabric. Bring in your latest project or those UFO’s (unfinished objects), get help with difficult garment construction techniques (zippers, pockets, hems, collars, button holes, serging, etc.) that have you stuck.

Cost: $ 30.00

Intro to Sewing

101: Beginning & Beyond 101

Our premiere class for beginners and those who want to repeat the class and work on Projects of your Choice in a 15 hour series!

Cost: $ 140.00
102: Mini Beginning & BEYOND Sewing 102 - Kwik Start!

This is a mini 9 hour version of our 15 hour 101 series. Learn to read a pattern, select fabric, and other basic sewing and finishing techniques that build the foundation skills needed to create basic wardrobe garments.

Cost: $ 85.00
30: Crash Course Sewing - QUICK START Sewing Machine Basics!

This is our most basic class! We supply the machines and teach you what you need to get started! You’ll learn how to thread the machine, wind the bobbin, change needles, adjust tension, and start sewing!

Cost: $ 30.00
35: Super Easy Intro to Sewing - Pillow, Purse, or Apron

Learn to use the sewing machine and take home a finished pillowcase, purse, or apron in this 3-hour intro to sewing.

Cost: $ 30.00

Patterns, Fitting & Design


Make a muslin for pants that fit well!

Cost: $ 140.00
510: Intro to DRAPING & Pattern Drafting I with Nicole Vasbinder

Drape a basic bodice in muslin and then make a paper pattern from the drape.

Cost: $ 60.00
520: FIT LAB with Lynda Maynard

Make a muslin "test" garment and have it fitted before you cut into that beautiful fabric.

Cost: $ 30.00
531: Copying Ready-to-Wear Workshop

Learn the industry tricks on how to copy your favorite top, pant or skirt!

Cost: $ 70.00

Sewing Techniques

290: Sewing on KNIT FABRIC - Knit Know-How! Beginning to Advanced

Learn the tools and tricks of working with knit fabrics! Choose one of our recommended patterns and make a great tee, camisole or skirt as you learn to work with these versatile fabrics.

Cost: $ 40.00
302: Hems - The Finishing Touch with Caryne Mount

Machine and hand techniques featuring fine rolled hem techniques.

Cost: $ 40.00
303: Couture Techniques with Barbara Beccio

Methods to add couture details to your garments will be introduced.

Cost: $ 60.00
304: The Finishing Touch: The Collar Workshop with Caryne Mount

This sewing lab will address all the fine details of collar construction.

Cost: $ 40.00
305: MANIPULATION WITH DARTS with Barbara Beccio

Darts for creative sculptural shaping.

Cost: $ 30.00
306: Fancy Footwork ~ Presser Feet

Come and explore the utilitarian and creative possibilities available with our Bernina presser feet.

Cost: $ 30.00
311: Fearless ZIPPERS with Terry McClintock

Stop the frustration of putting in Zippers now.

Cost: $ 35.00
312: Perfect Seams for any Garment with Barbara Beccio

Learn to sew Flat-felled, French, Welt seams, Bias Bound and Hong Kong seam.

Cost: $ 60.00
390: Intro to SERGER /Overlock Sewing Machine with Terry McClintock

Let Terry show you how to enjoy a Serger Sewing Machine!

Cost: $ 55.00
99: All About Textiles with Barbara Beccio

All About Textiles with Barbara Beccio

Cost: $ 35.00

Specialty Classes

310: CURTAINS AND DRAPES with Barbara Beccio

How to make a simple curtain, a channel for the curtain rod, side and bottom hems.

Cost: $ 30.00
415: Start Your Own CRAFTY BUSINESS

Have you always wanted to start your own business but didn’t know how? This fun and informative class will teach you the basics on starting your own crafty business.

Cost: $ 20.00
450: Creating with Ribbon - Barbara Beccio

Creating with Ribbon - Use ribbon to create your own trims.

Cost: $ 40.00
620: Fabric Treatments - Dye, Painting, Stamping & More!

Go Ahead! Play With Your Fabric!

Cost: $ 55.00

Time to Quilt

712: Freeform Quiltmaking - A Beginner’s Guide to Freeform Patchwork/Quiltmaking

This class is for the newcomer to quilting and also the person who would like to learn looser forms of cutting, piecing, and designing their work.

Cost: $ 90.00
724: Log Cabin Quilt Block

Learn how to draft, cut out and sew the Log Cabin Quilt block.

Cost: $ 25.00
730: Chinese Coins in Blue with Angie Woolman

Join this class and learn to combine patterned blues, while making a traditional Chinese Coins quilt top.

Cost: $ 90.00
736: Scraps in Black with Angie Woolman

Make a quilt with black chromatic neutrals.

Cost: $ 90.00
749: Those HAND QUILTING STITCHES with Angie Woolman

The hand quilting stitch is the fundamental quilting stitch and just requires a bit of demonstration and in-class practice!

Cost: $ 40.00

Unique Garments

395: T-Shirt Design Workshop with Terry McClintock

Create your favorite t-shirt that will be a wardrobe staple.

Cost: $ 50.00
507: Classic Lined Pencil Skirt with Terry McClintock

Make a classic lined pencil skirt.

Cost: $ 80.00
625: Art to Wear with Caryne Mount

Art to Wear with Caryne Mount

Cost: $ 75.00
631: Tutus for all Ages and Events!

Tutus for all Ages and Events!

Cost: $ 40.00

Youth and Family Sewing

900: Youth Summer Sewing Camp - Youth Sewing 8 years

Youth Summer Sewing Camp - Youth Sewing 8 years

Cost: $ 145.00
940: After School Sewing Club - Youth Sewing with Barbara Beccio

After School Sewing Club - 'tweens through 16 - Youth Sewing.

Cost: $ 90.00