Fabric Laundering Policies

When you buy fabric from Stonemountain & Daughter, it comes to you in new condition.  Recommendations for fabric care and washing will vary from fabric to fabric and fiber to fiber.  Always test wash a swatch of your fabric to check for results like shrinking, color running, change of finish, felting, and other outcomes.  Stonemountain & Daughter is not responsible for the outcome of your fabric after washing, as fabric is sold to you in "perfect" condition and any further treatment or laundering is done at  your own risk. 

Laundering suggestions below are provided as guidelines only.

Quilting Cottons:  Prewashing all new fabrics (yard goods, not cut pieces for quilting) before using them in a quilt ensures that there will be no uneven shrinkage and no transfer of colors when the quilt is laundered.  We recommend a warm water wash and a warm to hot dryer for these fabrics when prewashing.  This rule also applies to quilting cottons and broadcloth that will be used for making items of clothing.

 Apparel Cottons: Denims, Twills, Lawn, Voile & Stretch Cottons:  We recommend prewashing apparel cotton fabrics before the item of clothing is cut out and sewn.  This preserves the fitting of the garment as it is less likely to shrink as a result of subsequent washings.  We recommend a warm water wash and a warm to hot dryer for these fabrics when prewashing, even if you are going to launder your finished garment in cold water and drip dry after the garment is made.

All Other Fabrics:  Wool and silk can generally be washed by hand in cold water.  Always test a scrap to check for colorfastness, shrinkage, and change in texture or hand of the fabric before washing your entire piece of yardage.  Wools may be steamed to shrink them, which you can do at home with a hand steamer or special steam iron, or this may be done by a dry cleaner.