Dreams of a new wardrobe - Coming True!

Fabric stores like Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics are filled with a wide variety of fabric textures and colors, both natural and synthetic. Most home sewers tend to visit us when they need a new outfit for an event or to coordinate  a top with a great pair of jeans they just bought.  
The beauty of having all these fabric choices at your fingertips is that planning a whole wardrobe becomes a sort of adventure and a lot of fun! It can seem a little overwhelming, but start with some real basic style choices and then add on pieces that coordinate as you go.  That's why I love separates,  because you can multiply your wardrobe quickly.

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 Check out Suzan's FabricLady Blog!

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Victoria, our buyer and my assistant, here at Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics, made the cutest vintage dress from the Decades of Style pattern line.  She and I often go to trade shows together, so we thought it might be fun to make one for me as well.  I love the classic styles of the 1950's and I have admired the Decades of Style  "Object d'Art Dress" Victoria made ever since she first wore it to work.
We will have so much fun wearing them at the same time!!!
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