Extraordinary Victorian Dress

Natalie has been taking Beginning and Beyond classes with Caryne Mount at Stonemountain & Daughter. She made this wonderful Victorian dress. What a great accomplishment! She is here with her Grandma after one of her concerts.
Natalie sings in a children's choir called VOENA, which is a Victorian themed-dressed group. Students are responsible for obtaining their costumes through buying one through a past member, or they or their parents make them. Their choir director approves patterns, fabrics, and trims, and if making garment, they report its progress too.  Natalie's intention in taking classes was to learn machine sewing; she had done a little bit on machine and lots of hand sewing. Her main goal was to make her Victorian gown for choir.  Natalie took two of Caryne Mount's 101 Beginning and Beyond classes - for a total of ten week sessions on Saturdays. For a beginning project, it was quite an undertaking. Caryne was extremely proud of her!

And Natalie's dress worked out wonderfully! In fact, so wonderfully, that some of the other girls in her section didn't believe her at first when they found out that she had made the dress herself. One of them even half-jokingly asked if she would make her a dress for the next concert season, so if Natalie wants, she might even have orders coming her way, though it sounds like she has had her hands full already with performing and making a beautiful dress!

Extraordinary Bags

Aren't these bags extraordinary? We love the sideways phone holder! They are made by one of our customers, Lucia Biggs of Lucia R Biggs Designs and you can have your very own! Call Lucia Briggs at 510-277- 2375 or email - luciabriggs@earthlink.net for more information and custom orders.

Quilted Computer Bag Greatness!

 Aileen Abrenilla shares with us an picture of her awesome quilted computer bag made with all Stonemountian fabric and notions. So much fun! Instead of a boring computer carrier, she made a wonderfully unique bag!

Sarah's Quilt

Our long time customer Sarah is always bringing by her latest project, this time it's a wonderfully bolt quilt!

Cool IPad Cover!

We took pictures of our customer Denise Boyle with her latest project. She got an Ipad for Christmas and made this great cover and stopped by to pick up more fabric to make some for her friends!  

 When we sent her the pics, she thanked us for the pics and said "I LOVE your store."

Kaffe Fasset and Batik Quilts

Our customer Kimberly is also finishing a Kaffe Fasset quilt in autumn shades. She has the top completed and is working on putting on the back. 


Here is a simple quilt done in Stonemountain's batik fabrics which she loves, loves, loves! Her daughter went to college back east and she made a similar quilt for her to take with her to cheer up her dorm room on those long winter nights. It worked wonders and she received tons of compliments about her room decor which really was limited pretty much to the quilt!

Christmas is coming so Kimberly is putting her present production into full swing this week-end. We can't wait to see what she'll make - But will have to wait till after the holidays so as to not ruin any surprises!

Très Chic Robe!

Moya Stone, freelance fashion writer at San Francisco Chronicle, recently took a sewing class with Alice Elliot at Stonemountain & Daughter and made this charming robe! (Kwik Sew pattern) What a great look! Very chic 1920s!