Tiny Sewer Sews Spectacularly!

This is the tiniest sewer to join our Sew Camps!

Our Sew Camp teacher, Barbara Beccio cleverly crafted a booster seat of sewing books so that she could reach her machine and and customized her foot pedal by propping it up on an empty iron box. Too cute!

Focus and fun pays off - she made this adorable skirt with a fun mushroom print! Don't you just love the yellow border? Very hip!

Join the fun with Babara in our Sew Camps and After School Kids Classes!

Classes at Stonemountain & Daughter for 18 years!

Here is Alice Elliot teaching one of our students!

Alice is one of Stonemountain & Daughter's founding teachers and has been teaching here for seventeen years. Doesn't it look like they are having fun? That could be you!
Our class size is usually under ten students, so make sure to sign up early, as they do fill up quickly.

Stonemountain and Daughter works hard to bring you a variety of exciting classes. We keep our classes small, so that you get a lot of personal attention.  Our classes are usually under seven students!

Copy Ready to Wear!

Students in Annette Juilly's Copy Ready To Wear Class.

This student recreated this peacock top in this black and white chiffon.
It looks so good on her! She did a really good job!

Below are students at work!

High Compliments For Crash Course Sewing Class

Dear Stonemountain Folks,
 I attended a "crash course" last night and just wanted to pay the highest compliments to Nicole -- please pass along to her my comments.

The class was exceptionally well organized, went along at a good clip, covered the basics effectively. Among several students in the class of six or seven who had never even "touched" a sewing machine before, I was the one who had sewed all my own clothes -- 40 years ago! But Nicole addressed us all inclusively, introduced the basics, and broke down the intimidation factor quickly. Within the first half hour, she had already brought me to a new level; her clear explanations, demonstrations, and graphic illustrations were all excellent. Her explanations helped me understand problems I was having that I had never overcome way back when, and her approach to trouble-shooting was exceptionally helpful.

Pay attention to threading the machine, as well as to threading the bobbin! This will be my new mantra, and she has prepared me to take up sewing again, and to overcome my reticence with renewed interest and understanding.

Thank you! This class was the perfect re-introduction and Nicole was terrific in re-familiarizing me with the sewing machine! My only disappointment was having to leave "early," and feeling rushed at the very end. Again, thanks!

Carol, Berkeley.